Animal Jam
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National Geographic Animal Jam is an playground filled with fun & adventure for girls who love animals and the outdoors. A virtual world for girls where they can discover real-world plant and animal facts, plus follow enriching storylines paired with National Geographic’s multimedia educational content!

Get started by choosing 1 of 7 fun animals then pick a funny name for you animal. I picked a penguin and called her Miss Sporty Girl. Make sure to customise your look, I gave  Miss Sporty Girl beautiful long eye lashes and of course pink feathers. In Animal Jam you need Gems to buy cool stuff and play other games. You can either win Gems or get your parents to buy them for you. Offer to make your bed for a week if they do. Have fun.

Animal Jam Features

Has a full spectrum of play that caters for girls at any skill level and developmental stage. With constantly evolving educational content, you join a community featuring fun activities and games, as well as chat with online friends in a safe and moderated environment.

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