What is Girls Virtual Worlds?

Girls Virtual Worlds is an online game review site designed for girls aged 10 to 14. Your daughter can read the reviews about the games, take the free trials and if they like the game and you approve then get you to buy the game or sign up for the subscription.
Any game that is brought via this website earns Amped Internet Marketing a commission.

Who Is Game Girl

Game Girl will be your daughters tour guide of all the virtual world game that are reviewed at http://girlsvirtualworlds.com

Personal Safety Online

We encourage parents to review the following general safety precautions with their children while using the world wide web:
•    NEVER give out any personal information such as: real names, phone numbers, school, age, or address.
•    NEVER share your password with anyone (except your parents). People can use it to access your account and pretend they are you and give out information you don’t want sent to others which could be a problem.
•    If someone says something strange to you on the internet TELL YOUR PARENTS. For example if someone asks you for personal information, find an adult in your home and tell them.
•    SELECT a nickname that has nothing to do with your real name. But be careful in choosing a username that isn’t too suggestive.
•    AVOID chat rooms that are not monitored.